The fallen angle

Captains log - 1032 AC - 2nd day of felmont

The mere fact that the bandits attacked an empty freighter told me a lot about their wit. Knowing that they would be no match for my crew, I did not even attempt to outrun them. But during the first clinch of sword I started to worry.

The twins Tim and Bim fell first to the sabers of the scum. But while they were knocked out cold the Rakastra and Tortle showed great promise as my newest members of the crew, holding their ground with great strength.

It seemed like the tortle, Donatello, had acquired some kind of alliance with the ship's vermin rats, commanding them to attack at his will. I was most intrigued by the powers of the normally peaceful creature. His canine friend also proved to be more than a lapdog, I could swear the dog blinked in and out of sight. But Thera knows that my sight isn't as it was, before Kragon took my eye.

Neko Sumai, gave me proof of the rumor, that you won't find anyone faster then the Rakastra people. Without even drawing his sword he laid four of the bandits to waste as shark bait.

Unfortunately my niece, Loretta, proved to be the most reckless. The kid seems to still overestimate her fighting ability, jumping on to the pirate ship and attacking the captain himself. Of course the pirates tried to flee, and take Loretta with them. The cat was quick to follow them and they both returned running. I did not know what they ran from, until the entire ship went out in a blaze of fire. Just as well I guess, one less pirate ship to worry about.

Doc Don had tended to the wounds of Tim and Bim when Neko spotted a bed of feather floating in the water. Among them lay an unconscious man. We dragged him aboard and found that the man had wings like an angle. He was wounded and bore the mark of the crimson Inheritors.

We put him in one of the cabins and tended to his needs. His belly seemed to have been pierced by something foul. And his skin seemed red - almost burned.

Captains log - 1032 AC - 3nd day of felmont

Doc Don had cured our new passenger almost miraculously. And when the man named Chavez de La Vega later awoke his wings were no longer present.

The man was well spoken and seemed of a kind sort. He claimed to have lost his memory and I believed him, yet there was something about him that intrigued me. I know I'm not supposed to use the powers given to me lightly, but I believed the situation at hand was a legitimate cause.

By offering him lodging till his memory returned, I shook his hand and saw his most recent past through his eyes.

He had woken up in some kind of crude stone tower. He lay on his back with two tentacle like tubes stuck into his chest. Gaining consciousness from a deep sleep, he ripped the tentacles from his body. He was in a room covered with all sorts of surgical equipment. Dressed only in a tunic, he grabbed a knife from the table and hurried out for his escape. He realized that he was in some kind of tower at the edge of the water or on an island.

He tried his best to use his stealth, but it was only a matter of time before he was spotted. In an archway which seemed like some sort of balcony a guard spotted him. Chavez lifted his knife, but the guard, dressed in red robes, only opened his mouth and delivered a scream which pierced into Chavez like razors. Dropping his tiny weapon, he fell to the ground holding his ears in pain. Soldiers came quickly from every angle, and he had only one way of escape. He jumped like a rat fleeing a burning ship and started falling towards the water. The rocky watery grave seemed to close in on him quickly, but then he suddenly seemed to float as if for a moment. Yet the impact of the water made everything go dark.

That was all I could get, for now. I will keep an eye out for the man, but now I have to think of my cargo and crew. Slagovich is just ahead, I hope all goes as I planned and hope to not meet any of my old enemies. The posters I put up asking for crew could have drawn some unwanted attention.

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