Captains log - 1032 AC - 4nd day of Felmont

We arrived at Slagovich, the City States capital. Standing aloft on an erect hill its ports is not of the common sorts. To dock, the Dragonfly has to be lifted from the watery caves by means of mechanical winches. A solid “thumb” and a “click” suggested that any attempt of a clean escape would be difficult. I had better play this safe.

I gave the men leave to do as they self felt fit for the day. The Doc did as he always does when entering port. Being the tree hugger he is, he seeks knowledge of one tree in particular. I can’t imagine how he is going to find out anything about it considering the tree doesn’t even have a name. Yet learning fast of human ways he found his way to the library and started browsing through the piles of books.

Our new crew member Chavez had a more practical need. Considering that he is a mage he needed to find a spell book. Luckily for him we are now outside the areas of the savage coast where magic users are less threatened. He meet upon the mage *navn* who was more than willing to help. But considering that Chavez only had the 20 peaces of gold I gave him, he did not have the means to pay the man. Instead they arranged an exchange of services. The mage had sent his nephew to fetch a book from his summer house in the dessert yesterday, yet the boy had not come back. If Chavez could find the book and figure out what had happened to his nephew, he would give him his spell book.

Chavez brought Neco as support, and headed out to the dessert.

I myself am trying to contact my supplier about the cargo; I only hope that Vance won’t request his payment yet. My debt to The Costal Trading Company is still short and I only hope I will get this cargo to its destination before I meet him again.

I’ll leave the recruiting to my niece, and assign Tim and Bim to help.

Kats and dogs

Captains log - 1032 AC – 5ft day of Felmont

What an adventure my crew has bestowed on them self. I will try to re tell the tale I have just been told.

Chavez and Neco reached the summerhouse only to see it nearly destroyed and looted by the savage gnolls. Neiter the kid nor the book where to be found here, yet outside a distressed and angry Rakastra named *name* stood outside waiting for them.

It was strange; the only resemblance to the Balanian people the cat bore was his sword. All else of his appearance suggested that he was well adapt to the life of the baronies. The cat was the kid’s father and was apparently adopted by humans, hereby being the human mage’s brother. He was furious over his brother’s negligence and begged Chavez and Neco to help him return his son. They found the tracks of the gnolls and after a short wile fond their encampment inside a deep valley. Five straw huts were placed in a circle around a large fireplace, and the mixed smell of cooked meat and dog sweat filled the air. It appeared to be deserted, but proved only to be an ambush.

They fought the gnolls with great fines. *name Peter* never even got of his horse, till he after a wile was kicked of. They all got wounded, and started to worry, but a sweat song suddenly filled the air. It came from one of the huts, and they where all filled with the courage they needed to win the battle.

They had slain every last one, and found a bard tied to the kid inside the hut. The bard, *name* was a polite fellow and that was been ambushed by the gnoll in his journey. Chavez told of the dragonfly and there hunt for crew and both *peter* and *erik* seamed interested in the job.

Donatello had fallen asleep in the library and had a vision of the tree in a dessert. The tree had stood grand in front of him and started bleeding, its braches turning in to spikes moving to attack him. As one of the spikes pierced his body he awoke holding a book he had not seen before. It was open at a page with an illustration of a key, he could not read the language it was written in but he knew that this was the tree he seeked. Enthusiastic he asked the librarian if she understood the text but she had never seen the book and clamed that the book wasn’t hers.

Donatello met up with Chavez and the others and showed the book to them. They to could not read it, and even with the read magic spell it proved incomprehensible.

They went to the closes church to receive healing, where they meet the Priest *name*. A preacher with dramatic enthusiasm used the words of Odin to heal the party, yet he had forgotten about the ritual that was to be preformed there later. He had made the church unclean now that Odin’s powers of healing were used, and therefore he was cast out along with the rest of the party. The first thing which sprang in to Chavez’s mind was to ask if he was interested to join the crew. Now being without a job he accepted this new exiting job.

Unfortunately no one else met up for recruitment, but tree new member had been added to the list. *peter* a witty rakastran fighter, *erik* a well spoken bard and *kristian* a preacher with great healing ability. They will all prove quite useful in our quests.

But when shaking hands with the bard I got a disturbing vision. I saw grate darkness and a spider. Yet I could not tell more. I do not believe the man to be dangerous, but he seams to have some sort of dark secret.

I have managed to contact my supplier; I will send my crew to fetch it tomorrow.

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