Thanks to the 3.5 system the use of kit rules are no longer necessary to create an interesting character. With the use of right skills and feat on can create any of the kits from the previews system. But please use the kits as guideline to create the personalities of the coast, think of them more as professions.

Yet if you'd like to use an alternative class you think will fit in to champaign, just suggest it and we'll consider it.

Base classes.

Custom classes (From the D&D wiki)
Here's some classes that could fit the campaign. I have not checked the balance yet but they seem OK at first glance.

Savage coast kits (specks coming soon)
Some of these kits could become prestige classes.
  • Inheritor - The curse polise
  • Wokan - Voodoo like mages
  • Beast rider (Rakastra only) - Rakastra rideing lionhorses called feliquines
  • Gaucho - Cowbow, western inspired.
  • Honorbound - (Rakastra most common) Samurai or fighting monks with moral
  • Myrmidon - Soldier colonizers
  • Webmaster - (arena only) web spells and spider summon expert
  • Herald - Bard historian

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