Geography and Overview

(text copied from the original champaign)

As mentioned, the Savage Coast is a frontier area, home to many colonies. Some of the colonies have existed for many years, long enough to be establishing their own satellite colonies. Some of the nations and cities have populations in the thousands. Other villages are new, while some have risen, fallen, and now lie in ruins.

At the region's far eastern end lies the city of Slagovich,often considered the gateway to the Savage Coast. Slagovich is a city of political intrigue. While not actually within the cursed region itself, Slagovich serves as a clearing point for goods moving to and from the Savage Coast.

To the north of Slagovich lies the country of Hule, an empire ruled by a hagiarchy. Most of Hule is also free of the Red Curse, extending far into the borderlands, and its government has recently decreed that its people must stay away from the Savage Coast and its curse.

West of Hule, and still north of the cursed lands, are the Yazak Steppes. This area is home to goblins and other humanoids, who occasionally raid the settled lands to the south.

Many humanoids live in other nearby places free of the curse: the Great Northway Lands (west of the Yazak Steppes) and the Arm of the Immortals (a short distance across the sea to the west of the Savage Coast), inhabit the jungles of the Orc's Head Peninsula at the western end of the Savage Coast; most of these areas lie well within the Haze.

In the main cursed lands themselves, which cover almost 2,000 miles of coastline, dozens of petty nobles have appeared, each ruling a small area. Thus, the Savage Coast holds numerous duchies, counties, and earldoms, as well as a few places audacious enough to call themselves kingdoms. Humans rule most of the eastern Savage Coast, while nonhuman nations cover most of the west.

Savage Coast Nations and States

( Slagovich is one of several city-states on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Hule. The City-Statesas they are collectively known) are inhabited mostly by humans. Mostly self-absorbed, thesesovereign states band together only temporarily, and only in the face of great danger.

On the western coast of the Gulf of Hule, a number of small states and baronies, collectivelyknown as the Savage Baronies, were set up by explorers and conquerors who adventured in thearea and then settled there. These baronies (like many other nations of the Savage Coast) oncecovered more area, but they expanded too fast, and the recent wars that swept the coast setthem back. This has left both ruins for the player characters to explore and lands to take forthemselves.

West of the Savage Baronies are tribal lands belonging to the turtlelike humanoids (tortles) and to various goblin, orc, and gnoll tribes. Past those are the "kingdoms" of Robrenn and Eusdria, both formerly barbaric societies that have recently evolved a semifeudal form of government. Robrenn is a forested land dominated by druids and followers of the druidic way. Eusdria is home to warriors who have been known to go raiding in longships, creating stories remembered in epic poems by their skalds.

The most important nonhuman countries of the Savage Coast include Renardy, home to the canine lupins, and Bellayne, home to the feline rakastas. Lupins and rakastas are both descended from nomads who roamed the steppes to the north. Eventually, they settled and adopted a feudal style of government. Renardy has close ties to the Savage Baronies, both economic and cultural. Bellayne still counts several nomadic rakasta tribes as part of its population. Its government comprises a strange mix of feudalism, warrior codes, and mysticism.
Farther west lies the nation of Herath. Known as a land of mages, this was once home to the mysterious araneas, a race of arachnid spellcasters. Herath is traditionally isolationist, but the nation has become more friendly with its neighbors in the wake of a recent war that nearly destroyed them all.

Above Herath, on the eastern shore of Trident Bay, is an area known as the Bayou. This great marsh and the surrounding regions are home to three races of lizard kin: the shazaks, much like the lizard men described in the MONSTROUS MANUAL tome; the more barbaric gurrash, also called "gator" men; and the diminutive caymas. Each race of lizard kin has its own nation. To the south and west of the Bayou, two regions are home to loose confederacies of tribes. On the southern shore of Trident Bay the wallaras make their home; also known as chameleon men, this race of humanoids is distantly related to dragons. South of the wallaras live the phanatons, a race of monkeylike humanoids who glide from tree to tree in their forest homes.

The phanatons and wallaras live in the northern part of the Orc's Head peninsula. In the midwestern part of the peninsula lies the nation of Nimmur. Once home to winged minotaurs known as enduks, Nimmur is now a nation of manscorpions. Recently, enduks and their allies, flying elves known as ee'aar, have retaken a small part of Nimmur and established a small, independent state. The southern part of the peninsula is home to many tribes of savage orcs.

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