To english reader, what is this?

This is a fan based none profitable project to honor original TSR Red Steel - Savage coast campaign. The game was first published in 1992 and again in 1996 and is created by Tim Beach and Bruce Heard.

Me and my players played this campaign, and the story became an epic adventure we will never forget. "Unfortunately" the story turned to a happy ending, removing the Red Curse from the coast itself.

Whats so "Unfortunate" with that you ask? Well the original campaign relayed allot of its conflicts on the curse. When the curse was gone, the main core of the campaign sort of disappeared as well.

But then one night 6 years after finishing the campaign i took out my old box set adventure version and started reading it over. It was then i realized that this world is much more complex than i first assumed. I started imaging what would happen to the inheritors after the curse was gone? What would happen in the cultures of the coast itself? And if the curse was gone, was there a chance of it returning? And if that threat came, how fare would people go to prevent it, and how fare would other go to make it so?

The world in which the red curse flowed, was after all a weary interesting and dangerous place in it self. So now using the world created by Tim Beach and Bruce Heard as a backbone, I will attempt to create an adventure BACED ON Red Steal, with is placed about 20 years after the curse mysteriously vanished.

This blog will contain the log of the main NPC Captain Henry De'la Morgan. The player will be his crew onbord the freight ship Dragonfly. Here you will find the records of there journeys and adventures.

Most of the post now are in Norwegian because they are practical notes for the players। But when the adventure begins i will turned to English to reach a bigger audience.

I'm not sure yet but this might also become a PodCast adventure. But first i have to make sure that the original creators are ok with that. :P

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