The major changes to suite my needs

Everything you find in the original campaign about the "Red Curse" and "Inheritors" is history now. But I'm not saying that it wont have any effect on the story, or that is wont return.

I will go to drastic measures to take away all association to Forgotten Realms and Lord of the Rings etc. Therefore Elfs, Halfelfs, Halflings, Gnomes, Dwarfs and Half Orcs dos not exist in my spin of version. I like to think that this was the general idea of the first version of Red Steal, and that TSR pressed these standard (unoriginal) races in to the game. Well not in my game.

I will also take some creative choices to give the story a more believable feeling. The theme of magic will be more discreet. And i will try to accentuate the tropical, swashbuckling, wheel-lock wielding, honor bound feel of the game.

I will convert the system to 3ed edition.

Kits don't belong in 3ed edition. Instead Inheritor turns in to a prestige class. The rest of the kits will be more of a profession or maybe even classes of there own.

So wish us luck, and stay tunes for the adventure.

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